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Body Piercing Aftercare

How to take care of your new piercing without disrupting your whole life.

By: Wes Wood

First: always wash your hands or wear rubber gloves before touching.

(Latex, or Nitrile if you have a latex allergy.)

Important: it may hurt, but start regularly moving (pushing/pulling, rotating) your

jewelry to prevent it sticking inside. Use a dash of your currently tolerated body

lotion if you have trouble moving it.

Cover it with a jumbo band-aid to avoid accidents (especially nipples) as they will

hurt a lot when knocked.

Another thing: Do not wear anything tight over piercings.

Piercings near hair: move the bar just a bit (1/4”) so that hairs do not wrap

around the bar.

AFTERCARE: most Piercings need 2 things:

1. A non-harsh soap currently tolerated

2. Saline spray (or) a pinch of sea salt in drinkable water.

(3). Mouth Rinse if oral: after eating anything (non-antibacterial, non-alcohol

because that disrupts your mouth bacteria.)

Clean your new piercing 2 times per day, extra moisturizer if dry.

A pinch helps keep the surrounding skin moist.

ALWAYS wash your hands or use gloves before touching.

Cleaning when not in the shower:

Use a Q-tip with liquid soap remove any “dry” matter with warm water.

Cleaning in the shower: using liquid soap, clean the bar and any ornament and

surrounding area. Move the jewelry back and forth. Rinse away all soap. A little

moisturizer on the skin.

Oral Piercing Aftercare

For the next 4 weeks. Anytime you eat, drink, kiss, smoke…anytime you put

anything in your mouth, rinse. On the external side of a Labret, Monroe, Nose

treat as a regular piercing.

Do Not: Take your jewelry out to clean it.

Do Not: Swim in chlorinated water.

After three or four days if your piercing is Very Red, liquid is coming out or hurts

a lot consult your Health Care Provider Immediately.

If you have any questions regarding your piercing please call us or come by any

time Tuesday thru Sunday, 11am-6pm,

Tats On Canal, 264 Canal St, 2nd Floor, NY NY 10013 Tel: (646) 484-5559

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